Saturday, May 15, 2010



hi work see yay hoilday

15th & 16th

Sarturday: PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I going to a party. A great race around MICHAM Blue vs Red. GO BLUE GO BLUE.

Home again week 3

MATHS MATHS MATHS i going crazy. Last week of HOMESCHOOLING. My friends coming over on friday it's going to be so much fun. FRIDAY: Maali came over today. She went to the dog park with me and mum we had so much fun playing around.

home again week 2

Mum is at work today I was board so I try to put blush on Andy and he said "you can do my make up" so I did. Sera and i got carryed away because we did his hair and got him a dress.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now the picture we took of
him is on face book.

Home again

Ever since I got back I have been homeschooling. These are somethings we did the week we got home...
  1. unpacking bags
  2. lots of Maths
  3. shopping
Just like last year but a lot more Maths. HAHA. I'm missing my friends but enjoying the hoilday.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday: home sweet home. Today my sister got her kitten and she so cute. Her name is Astorthroth. She is like a little ball of fluff. I love her so much
Friday: back in Bankok tomorrow on a plane to Austraina